Our german course

You will study at our Studienkolleg but you are not able to use the language quality B1? Nor problem! With our german course you will reach the next quality language within 2 weeks. After you finished our study college you will be able to speak the language quality B2. 

Overall view of all language qualitys

German A1: You understand simple sentences and can also use them.

German A2: You can talk about routine situations.

German B1: You can talk while you are travelling and you can exchange experiences.

German B2: It is no problem for you to talk spontaneously and fluently. You can also understand the important things in difficult texts.

German C1: Difficult texts are no problem for you and you don´t have to search for words while you are talking.

DSH 2: It is the language quality for the university.

How much does it cost?

The cost for each course will be 400,- Euro inclusive registration fee.