Our german course

You want to study at prepatory college (studienkolleg) Aachen, but you don't have a B1 level in German? No problem! With our German intensive course you will reach the next level in just 2 weeks! At our college you will be able to reach up to the B2 level in German.

Overall view of all language qualitys

§ German A1: You understand simple sentences and can also use them.

§ German A2: You can communicate about Every day life situations.

§ German B1: You can exchange about youre travelling and other social experiences.

§ German B2: It is no problem for you to speak spontaneous and fluently. You can also understand the important things in difficult texts.

§ German C1: Difficult texts are no problem for you and you don´t have to search for words while you are talking.


§ DSH2: Level for the University Standard

How much does it cost?

The cost for each course is 550,- Euro including registration fees.