1. Which school level is required?

-secondary education

2. How do the final exam go?

-The exam consists of two or three parts. At first German will be examined and after that Maths . German will be examined at the level B1 and at the Maths exam are just the basics required. To pass the exam the student needs 50%. For those one, who pass the exam, the exam will go on with all subjects at high-school-level. Those students, who have a language level C1, don´t have to do the German exam. 

3. Why should i visit the Studienkolleg aachen?

-Because when you pass the final exam, you can study at an university in Germany.

4. What is required for the registration?

- You have to send us your curriculum vitae, a copy of your passport, your leaving certificate and your registration tax with a remittance slip by E-mail. We will only work on complete E-mails.

5. Are there any other requirements to visit a t- or an E-course?

- Yes, you should already be in Germany and have the German Language Level B1. If you should not have the required language level, you get it at our German-course.

6. How long lasts one semester?

- 6 Months

7. What is the final exam?

- The final exam examined, if the needed requirements are left for a studies at a german University. With the passed final exam you can apply for a studies in your subject area. If you are allowed to pass the final exam, depends on your school graduation. If you will fail the final exam, you have the possibility to repeat it once.