What is it?

E means Economy. We will prepare you perfectly for your final exam. In following subjects you will be examined: English, German, Maths and Economics.

Do i need an e-course?

You will need it, if xou are a foreigner and have the aim to study at a german university.

popular courses of study:

Here are the most popular courses of study in the area of economy:

  • Sociology
  • Economics              
  • Social Sciences
  • Business Information Technology


which condiotions do i need?

To attend at our economy course you have to be able to speak at the language quality B1 and you have to be finishes with your secondary school in your native country. 

How much time does it take to start with the final exam?

Normally you need two semester to try the final exam but there is also an exception if you have already studied at another study college for one semester you just have to study for one more semester at our college. The courses are mainly in the evening. 

How much does it cost?

Our study college will cost you 7.990 € if you will study for 2 semester. 

written exam (each 180 min) oral exam (each180 min)
German English