What is the E-Course?

The E stands for Economy. Are you interested in studying economics or social sciences? Then the E-course is perfect for you! The preparatory college (studienkolleg) in Aachen will optimally prepare you for the final exam by teaching you the following subjects: economics, English, German and mathematics.

Do i need an e-course?

You will need the course if you are a foreign university applicant who wants to study economics or social sciences at a German University. The E-Course is the best start for your studies, and the preparatory college Aachen provides you with the necessary knowledge for the final exam to enter a University.

What are popular courses of studies?

These are some popular fields you can study at a German University after completing our E-Course:

  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Social Sciences
  • Business Information Technology


Which requirements do i need to fulfill?

In order to attend an E-Course, you will need at least a B1 level of German and a Secondary school certificate from your home country.

When can I take part in the final exam?

It usually takes two semesters, but if you have the necessary knowledge for the final exam, in agreement with the teachers, you can shorten the time to only one semester. The courses take part in the evening, which means you have enough time in the day to visit a German course.

How much does it cost?

The cost to enter the course including registration fees, is 7.990,- Euro.


written exams (each 180 min) oral exams (each 240 min)
German English