We are happy that you found our page! Now you are probably searching for reasons why you should choose the preparatory college in Aachen. Here are some reasons for you: Aachen is one of Germany’s biggest student cities with 43000 students, which makes it really easy for you to meet many new amazing people. In addition in Aachen are respected universities and universities of applied sciences, like the RWTH Aachen and the FH Aachen. Which gives you the advantage that after you completed your final exam at our preparatory college you don’t have to move again.  Furthermore Aachen is currently becoming a Smart City, which will make the life in Aachen much nicer compared to other big cities. In addition Aachen got a really good infrastructure, which makes it pretty easy to go from one location to another. The fascinating historical past of the city, makes Excursions in Aachen especially exciting.


Why should you choose the Studienkolleg Aachen?

The Studienkolleg Aachen gives you many advantages, that other Studienkollegs can´t ensure you. For those we just made a little overall view just for you:

     *        No qualifying examination

     *        You can getting in twice a year

     *        You can study at an university or at a university of applied sciences and arts

     *        The Studienkolleg is carried on by two Studienkolleg graduates, so that will reveal you many adavntages


     *        We have trained stuff 

German course

studienkolleg aachen

In our German course you will learn all the linguistic proficiency, you will need in order to study, work and live successfully in Germany.



studienkolleg aachen

Our professional teachers will teach you all the necessary knowledge in mathematics and natural science you will need to successfully pass the final exam. Afterwards you will have the possibility to study technically and scientific courses of studies throughout Germany.


studienkolleg aachen

Of course the W-course will also prepare you perfectly for your final exam. Afterwards you will have the possibility to study economic and sociologically courses of studies throughout Germany.